Easter Poems

June 12th, 2008

This easter Lynn, Allison, Kelly and I experienced the powerful feeling of creating our own rituals. We manifested an Easter holiday that combines our personal values: good food, incredible hostessing (By Kelly Riggio!), personalized gift-giving, fun activities, spending time in nature and enjoying each other’s company. Here are some poems we created in a beautiful shared process. We each contributed lines to each poem.

Lynn’s Poem

Giving it some thought, I no longer need to beat myself up

Instead, I need to celebrate my simple right to be.

The joy of that is seeing clearly who I am

I am peace. I am enough. I am.

Love and worthy of love.

This feeling is my gift to share with the love-starved world

I share this gift freely, knowing that I also give it to myself

Like any good actor, I am attempting to find my light

Put myself on stage where it suits me, not just my audience

The truest works that I can speak come from the deepest heart.

That quiet space where the voice I’m hearing sounds a lot like god

And the God I’m hearing sounds a lot like me.

Now that I think about it, God is me.

Allison’s Poem

Putting down punishment…

The need to judge myself and others

Instead I’m going to let go, and let God

Knowing that God is who I truly Am

Revealed in my details, dissonance and resonance becoming song

I’m singing in praise of a new way to BE.

Compassion and deep actual passionate love of me. Sensitivity. And Gratitude.

I’m reawakening the parts of me that aren’t afraid to hear what my mind and body and heart are telling me.

I’m saying “walk towards all of it. It’s okay. You have everything you need.”

Your feet will carry you, your hands will build.

The miracle of New Life.

Sangita’s Poem

This year I am letting go of so many things

My need to work without rest, disbelieving my intuition and working my body too hard

So hard that I pass out at the end of the day, broken.

Because, like a muscle, I have to tear down and rebuild for the next morning.

Rebuild. Rebirth. Renew. A different you. Today.

I am I love I grow I die I begin again.

I am actively, proactively, carefully and intentionally manifesting abundance.

The kind of abundance that never runs out, and lasts forever and ever and ever

All of this flows through me, my blood, my bones.

My back curved up to stretch the pulse, my rush of blood.

Flood of sexy lovely bliss.

In this sacred moment.

Cause let’s be honest,

I’m bringing sexy back.

The Seven-Fold Path: A Framework for Personal and Organizational Change

June 12th, 2008

Finding Tension and Space1.Finding tension and space

For any change process to be effective the first step is to bring awareness and intention to the aspects of your work that bring tension, and those aspects that invite creative energy. Every work scenario has both. Our goal is to alleviate the tension caused by the negative aspects, and expand the space, time, and energy given to the positive aspects. This can be brought out through a reflective, introspective process or a group simulation and dialogue.


2. Identify Triggers

We all have triggers- lots of them. Some triggers move us from feeling good to feeling bad. Other triggers work the other way, and move us from bad feelings to good. Triggers can be any type of stimuli that our brain responds to. It can be a thought or memory, a person we see, a conversation or phone call, or an email. Every person has their own triggers- things that tip them from one emotional state to another, based on their personality and life experiences. Through a careful observation process we can identify our most powerful triggers.

Ideal3. Define the ideal and move towards the real

Author Steven Covey said “the first creation begins in the mind”. We cannot create a new reality without a clear understanding of what this new reality should look and feel like. In this phase we create a crystal clear, detailed “ideal” scenario, and prepare to move towards it.

New Pattern

4.Start a new thought pattern

There can be no change without new thoughts. By re-framing our thoughts about a particular event we begin to step into our personal power to control our emotional and mental state. An agitated mind cannot produce creative organizational results, so it is important to empower every individual with the capacity to connect to their creative centers. Using techniques of neuro-linguistic programming and visualization we feed our minds with new thought patterns to produce the ideal vision we have defined for ourselves.

5. Expand the Space

ExpandChanging thought patterns to focus on what you want (versus thinking about what you don’t want) creates psychic space within our minds and bodies. This results in a feeling of expansiveness in our physical world- in relationships with others, in how we approach our work projects and in our ability to creatively solve problems.

6. Be CompassionateBe Compassionate

As you move forward with new knowledge of your self and organizational culture, and begin the work of creating a new reality for yourself, there will most definitely be setbacks & regression. People don’t change over night, and organizations are comprised of people, so organizational change does not happen overnight either. The real work happens here, in this phase. With this in mind we define ways to keep yourself and your organization stretching toward the ideal when it seems like you’re slipping.

7. Keep Stretching

    Success in one cycle of change will fuel motivation to bring change to other areas as well. New learning and experience with the possibility of alleviating stressful conditions within your organization will provide the space