About Sangita

May 13th, 2008

Sangita Kumar is a results-based organizational development consultant and a skilled trainer dedicated to the empowerment of individuals and our communities. Her work over the past 7 years has allowed her to interact with a wide variety of organizations ranging from small businesses, government agencies, non-profits and international NGOs.

Sangita’s experience with these organizations ranges from change management, systems re-design, cultural competency and diversity initiatives, creating long-term professional development learning plans, strategic planning, program design, program management and coaching.

She began her career while a management student at Case Western Reserve University in the US. As a young Asian-Indian woman growing up in America, she was especially sensitive to issues of language-acquisition, code switching between an Indian and American culture, and cultural paradigms. Her interest in personal development work stems directly from her personal experience in overcoming many challenges of language and internalized limiting messages to find personal and financial success in a foreign world.

She is very interested in intentional culture creation- the process of intentionally choosing values and developing practices to achieve those values in everyday life. Her work with individuals, organizations, and families explores this core concept in a variety of ways.

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