Personal Vision: Rubber Band Style

September 1st, 2007

Peter Senge’s book the Fifth Discipline has an interesting concept of achieving our personal vision in life.   Imagine a rubber band stretched vertically- the top is the vision, or your goal.  The bottom part is your current reality.  The stretched band in between represents tension.  There are two types of tension - creative (a state of suspended being) and emotional (I’m mad, sad, depressed, excited).

The word emotion comes from the idea of movement.  Emotions force us to move in some direction.

We cannot control our current reality, but have full control of our personal vision, since it’s in our minds and hearts.  So if we are governed by out emotions, we fall prey to the emotional tension.  If you don’t have the emotional maturity to deal with your emotions,  or the band stretching is too uncomfortable for you, you will remove the tension.   Which means you will drop the vision down to meet current reality.  This leads to the compromised state of mediocrity most of us live in.

“Most people’s lives are like the fruit in my fridge.  Not quite good enough to eat, not quite bad enough to throw out.”  - Peter Senge’s friend

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