Memorable phrases of Hyderabad

August 29th, 2007

I thought I should make a note of the juicy quotes I’ve collected so far, should a day come when I can no longer remember them.. This may seem mean but I have decided that this is okay because I’m sure everyone makes fun of me as soon as I leave the room.

“I got a son, no?” - Padmaja, Arena

“After fixing teeth she is getting toooo many marriage proposals.  It’s woorking!”  - Orbitz commercial

“They’re coming out like earthworms.” - Asha while removing blackheads from Akbar’s nose

“The text box tool creates a text on the main stage… the text box tool… the text box tool… the… text box… tool… creates a text… creates a text…” (in monotone voice) - Venkatesh sir, Arena

“You are overweight so take the massage package.” - nutritionist, Talwalkar gym

“frats” “blurps” “forths” - unnamable at Akbar’s request

To Be Continued…

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