Our first Pilgrimage: Tirupathi

August 28th, 2007

On August 17th we embarked on our first trip- the holy hills of Tirumala, where Lord Balaji lives. This temple is one of the most famous temples in South India. Thousands of people make pilgrimages to this place every day, donating gold, diamonds, money … in the hopes of being blessed with a good life.

train1.jpg Here’s Akbar and his mom on the sleeper train. This is just before we bust out some chapattis and alu curry. Yum yum.



Akbar and I climbed the mountain to the top where the temple is. Here we are before we begin the big climb.


Along the 5 hour climb to the top, some people put kum kum or light a flame with camphor on every single step. There are about 6000 steps! People also pile rocks on top of eachother - it is said that doing this will fulfill your wishes. Clearly people come here with lots of wishes.  We were so sweaty and tired on this climb, but it was worth it.

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