Graduate School: Three Weeks In

June 3rd, 2008

So I’ve finally begun my masters program.  I have been putting it off and putting it off, and finally now I am ready to start the journey of getting a professional degree.  I am doing a masters program in organizational behavior, which is clearly the only thing I want to study and do now.  The big picture of it is quite exciting, but I must say that being back in “academia” is extremely frustrating.

I feel like “school” makes people want to be more sophisticated and complex than they need to be.  Like to say something in straight and plain English is not as distinguished as citing 4 people and writing sentences overloaded with complicated words.   It’s almost as though the process of learning is more complicated than the things we are learning themselves.

This isn’t true of everything, but I think it’s definitely true of the research papers and some of the articles we read.  It’s so frustrating!  Why don’t we just say exactly what we mean in the simplest way possible?  It’s interesting because you move from academia to the business world, where everything is stripped into black and white slides with the minimum bullet points.  So weird.

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